No to Homophobia!

A pledge to eradicate homophobia in the Muslim community

The unforgivable massacre that took place at Pulse nightclub in Orlando on Sunday, June 19th claimed the lives of 49 innocent human beings. They were targeted solely because of the specific intersection of their racial and sexual identities. In response to this claim, numerous Islamic organizations have outspokenly condemned the massacre as well as the Orlando attacker’s radical motivation. While the condemnation and refusal to legitimize these heinous actions is significant, we MUST go further to change the hearts and minds of Muslim communities.

It is our collective duty to end the use of Islam as a tool for hatred, violence, and discrimination against all marginalized minorities. So we call upon you as a leader of Muslim communities to pledge to condemn religiously justified violence and persecution of LGBTQIA+ minorities. We also ask that you go further and become a proactive advocate within your community to dispel homophobia justified in the name of Islam. Thus, MPV cordially invites you to pledge “No to Homophobia” by affirming the following:

“I pledge to combat and refute discrimination against any individual or community including the LGBT community. As an Imam and/or representative of Muslim communities I pledge to eradicate all homophobic teachings in my community and in the religious institutions I am affiliated with, and will affirm the dignity of LGBT individuals.”

As beacons of hope who represent the promise of freedom in this life and the next, you command a great amount of respect and influence in your community. But that respect comes with great accountability. We hope that you will join us in promoting egalitarianism, inclusivity, and humanity, as MPV deems these virtues inherent to the faith we cherish.

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