MPV's third Youth Podcast episode is a Global Voice Anthology. It sought insight from young feminist advocates from around the world on their experience engaging with the Post-2015 Development Framework. With an introduction and concluding remarks from MPV Research Fellow Monica Islam, speakers include:

  1. Iffat Gill, Founder of ChunriChoupaal (from Pakistan/Netherlands) - Iffat Gill is a human rights activist, digital strategist and social entrepreneur working for the economic empowerment of women. She is the founder of ChunriChoupaal, an initiative for social and economic empowerment through fostering modern information and communication technologies.
  2. Olanike Olugoboji, Program Coordinator of Women Initiative for Sustainable Environment (WISE) (from Nigeria) - Olanike is an award winning conservationist and women's empowerment advocate. She is based in Nigeria but has had opportunity to travel internationally. She holds degrees in urban and regional planning.
  3. Kabukabu Ikwueme, Law Graduate (from the United Kingdom) - Kabukabu Ikwueme is a London-based Victims Advocate working to provide practical support to victims affected by domestic violence. She is a law graduate and has written numerous articles on law, domestic violence, economics and the economic empowerment of women. Some of her articles have been referred to in journals on law and economics.
  4. Lisa K. Anderson, Volunteer Coordinator of World Pulse (from the United States of America) - Lisa Kislingbury Anderson serves as the Volunteer Coordinator of World Pulse, a Portland-based nonprofit organization that increases the global voice and leadership of women worldwide using the power of digital communication. She is a former newspaper journalist, a social media enthusiast, a community organizer and an advocate for women's access to reproductive healthcare.
  5. Hideko Nagashima, Founder of SWACIN Inc. (from Japan) - Founder of SWACIN Inc., Support Women and Children in Nigeria, in Japan, New York, Akwa Ibom state; she is a social activist, writer, advocate, journalist, Voice of voiceless, and Humanitarian. She operated Dr. Namdi Azikwe Memorial Hospital in New Delhi, India in 2007; and then she moved to Nigeria where she developed Waste Control and Palm Kennel production project. Later, she built SWACIN addressing some of the socio-economic and ecological challenges.
  6. Grace Eclavea, Ambassador for Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (from the Philippines) - Passionate about making dreams happen and helping people overcome depression, Grace Eclavea studies Communication Arts at the University of the Philippines Los Banos and is a member of the UP Model United Nations. She considers being a delegate at HPAIR Harvard Conference 2014 and ranking first at HPAIR Asia Conference Manila 2015 as two of her most life-changing achievements. She started Advocate Love with some of her HPAIR co-delegates.