On this page, we would like to highlight the active work that is being carried out by the #ImamsForShe Champions. Hailing from Bahrain, Burundi, Tunisia, the United Kingdom and the United States, these 31 #ImamsForShe champions are raising awareness about the plight of women and girls in their communities, calling for their communities to ameliorate their status.

Spotlight on the United NaTIONS

In March 2016, MPV hosted a parallel event at the Commission on the Status of Women Session 60 featuring three workshops: on female genital mutilation and cutting, early and forced marriages, and access to education. 


In February 2016, MPV convened 30 progressive Imams and scholars of Islam in Tunisia toward mobilizing a movement against the rise of misogynistic beliefs stemmed from the spread of political Islam and Daesh.

Spotlight on Burundi

In October 2015, 26 Imams of the Alliance des Imams du Corridors Nord Pour Le Developpement Humanitaire (AICNDH) in Burundi affirmed their support for the #ImamsForShe initiative by signing this declaration.

In various mosques across the Northern region of Burundi twelve khutbahs (speeches) were delivered from November 6, 2015 until January 22, 2016 on four topics:

  1. How the Prophet Muhammad treated his wives.
  2. Importance of access to education for Muslim women.
  3. The role of women in the humanitarian development.
  4. Women's human rights in Islam.

Between April and June 2016, AICNDH hosted a series of conferences at universities and schools in Burundi.